Mint leaves chutney

Mintleaves chutney
Ingredients Preparation Instructions
Mint leaves 1 cup 1.Grind mint leaves,garlic,ginger,grated coconut.
2.Add curd and salt.Mix well.
Garlic 3
Ginger 1 small peace
Coconut 3 TS
Curd 2 TS
Salt To taste
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Ingredients Preparation Instructions
Half boiled rice 2 cup 1.Wash and soak both rice,fenugreek seeds and mung dal overnight or for 8 hours.
2.Grind the mix into a smooth paste by adding little amount of water.
3.Mix salt and set aside in a warm place for 8-9 hours or overnight for fermenting.
4.Steam cook idlis on medium flame for about 10 minutes.
7.Healthy idlis are ready.Goes well with tomato chutney and mint chutney.
Mung dal 1 cup
Boiled rice 1/4 cup
Fenugreek seeds 1 S
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Orange peel Pickle

Orange peel pickle
Ingredients Preparation Instructions
Orange peels 4 Fruits 1.Slice the Orange peels into tiny pieces.
2.Heat oil in a pan splutter mustardeeds,feugreek seeds,asteofeda,chilli powder and turmeric powder.stir well
3.Add chopped garlic,curry leave and green chillies.fry for 2 min.
4.Add orange peel and Add salt.fry for 5 min.
5.Add tamarind juice and cook for 5 min.
6.After a few minutes, add the jaggery. When the pickle takes the form of a thick gravy, remove from flame.
Tamarind juice 1/2 cup
Jaggery 1 cup
Chilly Powder 1 TS
Tureric Powder 1/2 TS
Asafoetida 1 S
Garlic 10
Green chilli 4
Fenugreek seeds 1 S
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Pumpkin Payasam

Ingredients Preparation Instructions
Pumpkin 250g 1.Pressure cook pumpkin for 10 min in medium flame.
2.Grind pumpkin and keep it aside.
3.Dissolve jaggery in water.Add milk to it.
4.Boil the mix.Sitrr well.
5.When the mix cook well, add pumpkin paste.mix well.cook for 10 min in low flame.
6.Add a pinch of salt(which gives you a different taste).
7.Add fried cashew and kismis along with the ghee.
Milk/Coconut milk 3 cup
Jaggery 150g
Cashewnut 3 TS
Kismis 3 TS
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Spicy Dry Paneer

Ingredients Preparation Instructions
Paneer 200g 1.Make a thick batter with refined flour,corn flour,chicken masala,corainder leaves,kasoori methi and salt.
2.Chop paneer into cube shape.
3.Dip paneer in the batter and rolled in bread crumps and deep fry in oil.
4.It is a crispy and variety dish with paneer.
Maida(Refined flour) 2 TS
Corn flour 2 TS
Chicken masala 1 TS
Kasoori methi(dried fenugreek leaves) 1/2 TS
Coriander leaves 1 TS
Bread crumps To roll
Salt 1/2 cup
Water As needed
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Wheat paratha

Ingredients Preparation Instructions
Wheat 1 cup 1.Add water and salt to wheat flour and knead it properly to make soft dough..
2.Keep it aside for 15 min.
3.Take a ball shape from the dough and make chapathi.
4.Ghee is added in between and again fold into rectangular shape and again rolled to make cahpapthi.
5.You can make a palin chapathi sahpe and fold it into a flower shape usually we are doing while making paratha.
6.Heat the thava and press the folded flower shaped dough in round chapathi model.
7.Add oil in side when needed.
8.Healthy wheat porotta is ready.Try to avoid maida paratha.
Oil 1 TS
Salt 1/2 cup
Water As needed
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Beetroot kesari

Ingredients Preparation Instructions
Beetroot 1 cup 1.Heat ghee in a nonstick pan.
2.Add cashews and kismis.fry till they turn golden brown and keep aside.
3.Add rava to the same pan fry till the raw smell goes off.
4.Add grated beetroot and stir well till the water in beetroot goes.
5.Add sugar and milk/water continue stirring.
6.When it becomes thick,add cashews,kismis and cardomom powder.Mix well.
7.Keep stirring until the rava starts leaving the sides of the pan.
8.Allow the mix to cool and cut the shape you want.Garnish with cashew
Ghee 1 cup
Sugar 1/2 cup
Rava 1 cup
Water/Milk 1 cup
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